Friday, 6 June 2014


I just called to say hey......:)

Chain stitch is universal, and one of the most ancient of stitches. Much beautiful work has been carried out entirely using chain stitch, and when a monotonous even line is required, this is a most suitable stitch to employ. It is equally in request for outline and filling in, and its chain-like adaptability makes it specially good for following out curved forms or spiral lines.


1) Bring the needle through at the top of the traced line.

2) Hold the working thread down towards the left with the thumb.

3) Insert the needle at the point where the thread has just come through and bring it up on the traced line about one-sixteenth of an inch / 1.5mm further along. 

4) Draw the thread through over the held down thread. It should show a neat line of back-stitching on the reverse side. 

That's all for now, Should have something to show you very soon...

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